17 Jun

A Sticky Situation

Authors: Mike Sonne and Lennon Richards Baseball is implementing a ban on sticky substances, those designed to give pitchers a better grip on the ball, but also to increase the spin rate on their pitches. This boost in spin rate makes it harder for hitters to do their job – with pitches moving more than

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26 Jan

PitchAI – A Scout’s best friend

PitchAI – A Scout’s best friend Every year, scouts descend on high school and college stadiums, and try to project how these athletes will turn into elite talent at the major league level. Bringing in technologies like TrackMan and Rapsodo are allowing scouts to get more and more information on these pitchers, including their velocity

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27 Jun

What are we measuring with PitchAI?

What are we measuring with PitchAI? Let me take you back to when I started to get interested in the biomechanics of pitching – 2008, I just started my Master’s in Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor, and there was a Sports Illustrated article on Tim Lincecum – citing Glenn Fleisig and his breakdown

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12 May

PitchAI goes to Spring Training

PitchAI goes to Spring Training Back before we were on lockdown and quarantine was part of our daily vocabulary, the PitchAI team had a trip to Phoenix during the MLB’s Cactus League Spring Training. While there have definitely been tougher business trips to take (like, Boston in February), this one was packed with lots of

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