Biomechanics insight, anywhere, any time.

PitchAI brings biomechanical insight to your phone -
no need for a lab, sensors, or advanced degrees in math.

Developed by Biomechanists. Designed for Players.

PitchAI is meant to make it easy for you – the player and the coach – to get the most out of your training and bring your best to the field.

Official Biomechanics Player Development Partner for the Toronto Blue Jays.

ProPlayAI Partners: Driveline Baseball, KineticPro Performance, Prep Baseball Report, BDG, Camp Hurricanes Baseball


Capture data directly from your smart phone with the easy to use PitchAI interface.


Generate 3D diagrams to easily compare between any two pitchers - find out how the best perform, and learn to optimize your movements.


Design drills targeted at optimizing your movement efficiency. Use PitchAI to continuously compare your results as you progress in your training.


Because there is no need for sensors or lab technology, capture in game footage - use this to help identify fatigue, pitch tipping, or why that 95mph fastball felt so good.

PitchAi kinematic skeleton

Frequently asked questions

When will PitchAI be available?

We’re currently collecting feedback and refining our approach, but expect a commerical version of the application to be release in the summer of 2020. 

How accurate is PitchAI?

PitchAI compares favourably to marker-based motion capture systems, with zero of the set up time. We are actively publishing data for conferences and papers – keep your eyes peeled.

What type of camera do I need?

Anything that can capture data at 120 frames per second or higher – while our first version will be on an android device, iOS versions are coming soon.  

Can I use PitchAI for hitters?

We’re starting out with Pitchers first – but hitters should follow by the end of 2020.

Beta Roll Out - August 2020

If you signed up for our Beta, we’ll be in touch in August.

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Feb 27 2021

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