The technology that powers us.

Bringing the field of human movement measurement into one easy to use tool.

The Science.

ProPlayAI uses markerless motion capture, paired with gold standard 3D systems, to provide accurate and reliable data meant to help pitchers get better and stay healthy.

What makes our analysis different?
Our Activity Specific Neural Networks (ASNNs) map simple 2D video to rich 3D datasets, all from one camera. This allows you to collect more, learn more, and throw harder. 

The database.

Because our biomechanics assessments are so easy to do, we have a database of hundreds of thousands of pitches - letting you compare to what is normal, what leads to velocity, and how to stop pain and discomfort before it starts.

The Team.

The 3MotionAI team consists of biomechanists and technology experts who have been measuring how people move for close to 40 years. Our team has hundreds of peer reviewed publications, university faculty appointments, and a track record for developing movement systems across nearly every industry - at home, work, or play.

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